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Cygnet means “a young swan.” Swan is a symbol of wisdom, excellence, generosity. A young swan symbolizes ambition, endurance, fortitude. These qualities unite CYGNET team.

We build modern, clear and efficient production. We contribute to the development of industrial sector of Ukraine and improve the welfare of the population in the regions of the company.


Establishment of CYGNET Companies Group


Acquired assets in Zhytomyr, Vinnytsa and Khmelnitsky regions – land bank of 37 thousand ha and sugar factory.


Started construction of the elevator, put into operation the 1st stage - 1 dryer and 20 000 tons/storage


Finished construction of the elevator with the capacity of 60 thousand tons of single storage with the possibility to accept 5, 5 thousand tons/day.


Put into operation the line for seeds completion. CYGNET sugar plant ranked the 5th place among sugar factories of Ukraine in % of sugar yield.


With the purpose of land bank optimization it was sold assets in Khmelnitsky region. Land bank is reduced till 24,2 thousand ha


Sugar factory Cygnet processed record amount of sugar beets - 232.5 thousand tons


Cygnet expanded the land bank to 5.5 thousand hectares of land under the five-year development strategy.

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