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Sugar Production

Among the assets of Cygnet Companies Group there is sugar factory in Zhytomyr region.

Processing capacity of sugar beets is 2800 t/day.

The sugar factory provides vertical integration of CYGNET group activities  -from growing of

sugar beets till sugar production.

Own raw materials reduce dependence on external suppliers and improve quality indicators.

Sugar is produced according to DSTU 4623:2006/GOST 31361-2008 IDT.

Since 2016 the company successfully implemented quality system ISO 22000:2005.

The product is realized under the trade mark «Cygпet Agrocompany».


Processed sugar beets, thousand tons
Total sugar produced, thousand tons
Sugar yield in %
13.1 %
13.5 %
13.3 %
15.7 %
17.0 %
14.3 %
Tel.:+38 (044) 206-11-82
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