We contribute to the development of the industrial sector of Ukraine and to the improving the well-being of the population in the regions of the company’s presence

Cygnet agrocompany

We provide a ready-to-eat product: from growing sugar beets to sugar production

Cygnet agrocompany

We provide agricultural producers with quality services for storage and finishing of grain in our own modern elevators

Cygnet agrocompany

We produce milk of “Extra” class to provide consumers with the highest quality products

Cygnet agrocompany

Cygnet results in 2021

Cygnet received the highest yields for the entire history of the company from most cultures. The company's elevators received a record amount of grain as due to the growth of own production and due to the increase in the share of grain accepted for storage from customers. The newly built elevator of the company in Kozіatyn, Vinnytsia region successfully completed its first production season
7,4 t/ha
10,1 t/ha
40,0 t/ha
3,4 t/ha
3,5 t/ha
Grains are accepted by elevators
413 000 tons

Sugar production

20 200 tons

Productivity of cows

9 900 l/year

CYGNET development strategy - the creation of high-tech production

The   Group  of  CYGNET Companies  cultivates  over   29 000 ha in the Central part of Ukraine: Zhytomyr and Vinnytsіa regions.

The main advantages of such production location are an optimal distance from industrial processing sectors and fertile soils of the forest-steppe zone.